Get a Material Designed FLAT Chrome

old chrome

Do you love Material Design? If yes, then you surely love it flat. It has been quite some time that we have been talking about Google introducing it in its Chrome Browser.

If you have been waiting to use the Material Chrome and expect an update to Chrome soon, wait there is time before you get a flat Material Designed and of course an elegant looking Chrome.

But if you’re the kind of person who just can’t wait to use Chrome in its Flattest form, then here’s what you could do to get an amazing Chrome experience.

new chrome

A word of advice before you get to a ‘Good Looking Chrome’: some of the steps suggested for the process, may require you to get certain ‘flags’ in Chrome enabled for it to work as expected. This could lead to problems in your Browser, so try it out at your own risk !

As seen it works the same and perfectly well in both Windows and Mac.

Method 1:

A quite simple method that involves no hassles or tussles, simply go:

old chrome canary

Here, you will find the Canary Release version of Chrome that would for sure have the latest and the newest features of Chrome (including the Flat Design).

chrome chrome

This would Install a separate Application altogether in your device that will be a GOLDEN Chrome. It’s for you to choose a colourful and simple Chrome or a ‘Golden’ one.

Method 2:

In case, you don’t want separate versions of Chrome in your device, you can modify your existing Google Chrome following the steps below:

  1. In the Address Bar of Chrome type in ‘chrome://flags’
    old chrome flags
  2. Look out for the word Material in the Page using a Ctrl + F, search
    old chrome material
  3. Press Enter to find one-by-one the options that are to be changed
  4. Then for the Option: ‘Material Design in the browser’s top chrome’, select Material from the dropdown list
  5. Enable ‘Material Design in the rest of the browser’s native UI’ from the Option
  6. Next select Enabled in the Dropdown for ‘Enable Material Design User Manager’
  7. Optionally enable ‘Enable Material Design policy page’ from the available Options
  8. To get a Material Designed History Page, enable the Option: ‘Enable Material Design history’
  9. A Material Designed ‘Flat’ Chrome is ready, just Relaunch the Browser and get an elegant looking Chrome 😉



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