Google gets the Himalayan Mountains to Your Mobile

In India, the Himalayas are considered to be the ‘Homeland of the Gods’, covered with Snow all throughout the year, it is place difficult for planning a trip to. But that will no longer be an issue, as Google gets the Himalayas in your Hand.

Made by Google’s Creative Lab using the 3D imagery of Google Maps and Unity, it gives an entire landscape of the Himalayas.


It features the a character named Verne: The Yeti that will walk you along the snow clad and icy mountain range spread across Nepal, Bhutan, China, India and Pakistan.

During your journey with the ice-ape Verne, the app sounds out various facts and informative know-abouts of the Himalayas. The app with these information tit bits makes your journey through the mountains pretty interesting adding an educational touch to it.

So now you would ask, does the 500 ft tall, Yeti simply move around the mountains on his feet? No there’s a lot the Yeti can do, it can use a Jetpack! to fly through the Himalayas or even skate in the Ice! or even glide along.



This is a really good application to keep the kids engrossed in the learning process that is made real fun.

Check it out on its site at:

Or simply cut through the queue to get the app here: Verne: The Himalayas

Simply, available for Android, so, Sorry iPhone users, you might just have to wait to get it onto your devices.

The app is really large in size (a whopping 211 MB!), so find some free Wi-Fi zone and get it quick and find yourself into the land of the Gods.


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