Major MacBook Pro Overhaul Planned for After 4 Years

All the MacBook users have been eagerly waiting for and experimenting on, the available beta versions of the macOS Sierra planned for a release this autumn.


It’s known that, there’s Siri coming to it as a major upgrade, Photos, Messages and iTunes, to name a few, are also planned to get the changes on. But wait, here it’s not about the Software, as the Tech Giant, as per reports from Bloomberg, plans for significant changes in the Hardware of the Pro versions of MacBook.

The new version i.e. the 2016 version, likely to release at an event scheduled for September 7th (where the new iPhone is to be unveiled) will feature many changes, much of those that were awaited since a long time. The newer MacBooks will have a narrower and a thinner body making them even more easier to carry on the move.

Touch ID Fingerprint Sensor is also like to debut on the MacBook to get your fingerprints. The new versions may even mark an end to the MagSafe power connectors! that are likely to be replaced with the USB – C ports.

A major change is also on the books for the Apple Keyboard, that will feature a secondary OLED display over the keyboard, replacing the standard function key row. This replacement makes the Mac more user friendlier, as the function keys would change on the display, to fit in the current task or application. For instance media playback controls would be on the display when iTunes is open or there could be cut, copy like action controls featured on the display in case some word processing tasks are in action.


So, the MacBook is to change drastically with some major Hardware upgrades since 2012 when the Retina display made its mark.  Let’s wait until Apple unveils its MacBook soon !


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