Can a Computer Write in your Handwriting ?

Did you ever want to have a Computer Font, just like your Handwriting? Could you find such a Typeface? Surely, you would deny it. But now, a Computer can copy all the curves and crosses in your Handwriting, to replicate it, just as you write.

Researchers at the University College of London as per reports from BBC have taught a Computer to imitate anyone’s handwriting.

The system that they have named, ‘My Text In Your Handwriting’, is based on an algorithm that they have devised, to semi-automatically examine a handwriting sample (as little as one paragraph!) to generate a new text saying whatever the user wishes.

The algorithm takes a sample input, as the handwritten text, then examines its qualities and then writes any text that is required, in the same manner (handwriting) as per the sample text.

For instance, as claimed by the UCL, based on the handwritten notes of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the algorithm has been able to produce: “Elementary, my dear Watson…”, a sentence that Conan Doyle never really had written.

Beginning the complex process, with a simple program that marked up each letter and punctuation mark, and analysed the writing pattern, the team has been able to reach this far.

sir arthur conan ucl

Abraham Linclon UCL Result

Results from the Algorithm as given by UCL

For testing the effectiveness of the system developed, the team asked people to separate out between handwritten texts and the ones created by their algorithm. People were confused most of the time, resulting in them being fooled by the algorithm generated writing 40% of the time.

The system in the longer run may prove to be of much use to benefit the end user, by giving a personalized touch to their computer generated documents. But as always, any system ought to have its side effects, where such a system could be used notoriously for activities of forgery.

Still we are in the process of developing newer technologies, but are we ready to embrace technology to this extent?


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