Plan to Cheat in Pokémon Go? You Might be Banned!

Looking out for ‘Tricks’ or ‘Tips’ to get better Pokémon, hatch a few eggs quick, or get notified for Pokémon availabilities and plan to scale levels sitting at the same place? Now, times are to change. Niantic Labs the creators of the all-known, Pokémon Go game plan to ban players, found using unfair means, using the game.

As stated on their official website, the ban may be for falsifying (spoofing) location information, using emulators, modified or unofficial softwares, accessing Pokémon Go clients or backends in an unauthorized manner including through the use of third party software.

Spoofing location, means using apps that change your current GPS location to some other location of your choice, to get the better Pokémon available there. Also, we have seen various apps release, that use our registered accounts to access the game’s backends in an unauthorized manner, to get better information about the availability of Pokémon. Niantic plans to target these apps to make the game fair.

So, does this probably mark an end to the use of apps like PokéVision, PokéNotify, PokéHound or PoGoMap?

Pokemon Go Ban

All these apps have/will shut down or have likely been ordered to shut down by the developer Niantic Labs, as they are in violation of Pokémon’s terms of service.

But wait, how’s that possible for Niantic to figure out location spoofing and other sorts of hacks? If that’s the question, for the makers of games like Ingress and Pokémon Go, this might not be that difficult, so if you plan to play the game for long, DO NOT USE such hacks, now (or in future) you may have to face a ban from using the game!


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