Twitter launches #PromotedStickers

Twitter has chalked out a way to make money (taking inspiration from Snapchat !) through the ‘Stickers’ feature it cloned from Snapchat less than a couple of months ago.

It has now, as announced in its Blog post dated the 15th of August, made arrangements for advertisers to offer sponsored stickers. This adds up another medium of promoting a brand through Twitter.

Pepsi Twitter Sticker GIF

The latest ‘Ad’ format that began its roll out on the 15th, has got Pepsi as its first sponsored sticker brand with #PepsiMoji, having eight custom stickers promoting the brand.

Pepsi Moji

As, claimed by Twitter, ‘Since the introduction of #Stickers, millions of photos have been Tweeted using #Stickers in creative and dynamic ways across sports, news, and entertainment’, this would help generate a better advertisement traffic for Twitter as well as gain popularity for the advertiser (raising awareness of their message !).

Brands that choose Stickers, can create four or eight different stickers for inclusion in the Twitter’s Sticker Library.

If this is to stay, the get prepared to see more of such brands sharing their Snapchat (Stickers) assets with Twitter to run a sticker-based promotion campaign.


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