Good Bye Hangouts? Hello Duo! 

Duo, the much anticipated Video Calling App from Google announced in their May 2016 I/O is now available on Google Play as well as the App Store.

Duo Icon

Featuring a simple UI (similar to Prisma!), the app is super simple to use with a one-to-one video calling facility.

Google DUO IO

The App begins up with a simple procedure that would require, the user’s contact number that Google would verify and aho! your are in. So there are no accounts to create or friend lists to maintain.

Also, in the process of making a call you just need to select your contact (i.e. the face you see) & you will soon be connected in seconds. So that’s just something anyone could use effortlessly.

A novel feature that has been added to the app (created using QUIC over UDP) is the ‘Knock Knock’ feature. This unique feature (if enabled from the Settings Menu) sends out your current video stream to the person, whom you have called, even before you connect! That sounds really good 😉

Another good thing added to the App, is that it shows up your current data provider (i.e. WiFi or your network provider), which would really help ensure that you do not pick up calls on Mobile Data ending up paying lots for it. It also works seamlessly while we switch networks. Adding to it, Does it also have a ‘Limit Mobile Data Usage’? Yes, Of Course.

All this is the good stuff ’bout Duo.

But wait, there are some shortcomings to Duo. It’s not available! if you did not want to use it on anything other than your phone. Plus the fact that it lacks the facility to make conference calls or even put Hangouts-styled funny hats on your head during a call or offer any other fancy feature you might expect from a video calling app makes its toooo Simple ;-( Let’s wait for further updates to Duo from Google.

At the end, the fact that it’s from Google, makes it a good-to-use video calling App. Just a reminder to Google, we are eagerly waiting for Allo to have fun with Google Assitant!!!

Download it here: Google Duo


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