Uber targets India! Get a Cab without an App!

Uber, just a couple of days ago, has launched a new mobile site which makes it really easy for people to book cabs without even having the app installed on their devices.

The system that is currently live in a few Tier II, Indian cities: Nagpur, Kochi, Guwahati and Jodhpur makes it possible for everyone to have an access to uberGO rides.

Uber Cab Ride

All you need to do for accessing Uber (without an app!) is:

  1. Visit dial.uber.com using your mobile browser
  2. Then log in or sign up for Uber with your phone number for booking a ride through the site
  3. View the pricing information, get an estimate of the fare and request a ride with just a single tap
  4. After requesting, you would instantly be connected to the driver over call to coordinate your pickup
  5. Once your trip is done, pay the driver in cash

With this latest inclusion to its artillery, Uber would get a great help in increasing their customer base, targeting people having low quality phones without a room for another app. (That’s a common problem in smaller cities in emerging markets like India)

It would also aid customers to board more easily by removing the need for downloading the app even if they would just want to try the service for the first time.

The move that has been taken up by Uber is really an interesting one, and it would be great to see if really works well for the Cab App in India (where it faces competition from the local Ola). Local operators are sure to come up with something to hold their grounds firm.


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