Lifestage at your Teenstage by Facebook!

Facebook has launched a camera-first app targeted to teenagers, to remove all the business based approaches to using Facebook, going back to it’s roots of being a social media platform for the youth.

The new app, currently available only on the iOS platform, is intended to challenge Snapchat which is driving away Facebook’s teen traffic. The app from Facebook, Lifestage, let’s you (if you’re a teen) share photos and videos, express likes and dislikes, emotions and friendships… with your friends.

As it’s description on the App Store page says out, ‘Lifestage makes it easy and fun to share a visual profile of who you are with your school network’.

Lifestage All

On Sign Up, without any need for a Facebook account, you’ll have to select your high school, and will then see the video profiles that are from people at your selected school or the ones nearby.

For making the app go viral soon, Lifestage only shows up other people once you have at least 20 people from your school using it. This would ensure that once you’re aboard, your friends will follow soon. This is similar to the manner in which Facebook was launched from school to school.

Go on use it ‘Unlock’ your schools and get social all the iOS teens. Android users wait 😦 and see it being used by your friends around.

And Facebook, well played? We’ll find out soon.


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