The 5 Best ‘Clean’ Launchers for Android

Bored of using the same old icons on your device home screen? Check out some of these cool custom launchers in Android to give a complete makeover to your device screen. Change up the look and feel of the Android device with different icons and themes, add up new functionalities like smart folders or an assistive search, to your liking.

If you’re a tech geek you definitely love customizations. For making the home screen as you like it, presenting 5 clean launchers that you’ll surely fall in love with.

1. Google Now Launcher:

Google Now Launcher TD

If you have not been using a stock Android device, this is the launcher for you. Right from Google’s in-house productions, this is the default launcher, on all devices that run stock Android.

With a clean menu having a white backdrop, the launcher is pretty fast and simple to use for all. One of the most appealing features, of this one, is getting ‘Google Now’ just on a right swipe on the Home Screen, so here you can get all your stuff done just with the ‘OK Google’ command. (You even get the latest Official Android wallpapers from Google along with it!)

Get It Here: Google Now Launcher

2. Action Launcher 3:

Action Launcher 3 TD

From, a ‘Top Developer’ on Play Store, this launcher (the free version) would loosely feel similar to the Google Now Launcher, but there are a lot of things that are added to this one.

To begin with, right swiping does not show up Google Now, instead an alphabetic list of all your apps pops up in a drawer giving a quick access to them.

The Menu here is similar to the Google Now Launcher, but you can customize it way better, specifying the Grid (#Rows and #Columns) size, the Sort Mode (by name, by install time or on the basis of usage) and even set an Icon scale (Only in Pro Mode :-()

It also gives you ‘Smartsize Icons’ (in Pro Mode), let’s you choose an Icon Pack, Fonts, customize the Google Search bar ‘Quickbar’, with modes like Social, Productivity, Audio etc. and even set a quick theme based on the colours in your Wallpaper (Pro Mode again).

So, if you got money, definitely get it, else it’s much like the Google Now Launcher with some added features.

Get It Here: Action Launcher 3

3. Arrow Launcher:

Arrow Launcher TD

This one’s a surprising one on Android from Microsoft. Microsoft? Yes, you heard it right. Microsoft has come up with this launcher, & seriously, it’s one the Best.

With a really good menu, having apps arranged alphabetically in groups as per the alphabet, the launcher even has a super cool home screen. The home has not one, two or even three but six cool to use pages.

The first one shows up the most used apps on device, so get there and use them quick. The next page is ‘Recent’ that shows up all the recent activities on your device from Photos or Video captured to Calls made or SMSs sent. The other pages are for the most frequently contacted People, Reminders, Documents in your device and the Widgets page.

The launcher also has an expandable tray at the bottom where you can fit in at least 9 apps, even control the device brightness, Wifi, Bluetooth and Flashlight from there itself. The ‘BEST’ part of the launcher is that you can get the really awesome Daily Wallpaper from Bing on your device.

If you are looking for a good-to-go free launcher, then this is the one to be preferred.

Get It Here: Arrow Launcher

4. Z Launcher:

Z Launcher TD

This addition to list is from a known Mobile Phone Maker, Nokia. Launched in Beta mode this is a power packed launcher with tons of goodies.

It adapts to your usage to show up apps, contacts or even websites that you’re likely to use. The menu is a simple transparent list of the apps arranged alphabetically.

The best this in the launcher is the ‘Scribble’ feature. Just with touchstrokes, write any alphabet on the home screen and the relevant apps, contacts or websites would show up.

Currently in Beta mode the app has very little to offer, but it promises to be one of the better launchers once released completely.

Get It Here: Z Launcher Beta

5. Buzz Launcher:

Buzz Launcher TD

Buzz is the launcher that cannot be left out in the list. This one’s the best in terms of its offerings.

Set the required frame for an icon on the screen, the effect for sliding between home screen pages, select you custom icon pack for the apps. It also comes up with a lots of different themes that can be added to make your device look just amazing.

The menu is the classic Android Menu with pages for the installed apps. It also clubs up apps into specific folders like Communication, Utility, Travel etc. on its own. Added to it, the launcher also aids in decorating the created folders with all sorts of customizations.

It also has the default Google Search on the home screen. The launcher also lets you hide or lock apps on the device, provide floating icons for quick access to apps, block blue light on the device reducing eye strain and even give a Memory Cleaner!

Loaded with tons of goodies this is the Best bet for a custom Android Launcher to decorate your device as you like 😉

Get It Here: Buzz Launcher

Note: Images are from the Play Store pages of the apps covered.


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