Google’s Making an OS from Scratch !

Google is working on making a completely new Operating System, named Fuchsia !!! Some weeks ago a few engineers from Google have started piling up code on the tech giant’s code repository and even on GitHub. The project page on GitHub has no details about the system under development, with just a mysterious description saying, ‘Pink + Purple == Fuchsia (a new Operating System)’.


The embryonic OS (as reported by The Verge) has a number of interesting features, but Google is yet to comment on its intended function. As a matter of fact the OS is not an upgrade to Google’s existing Android or Chrome OS, but instead it’s a completely new system, from scratch, that’s not derived from the Linux Kernel.

Android Police in it’s post has presented some interesting information on the system. To begin with, the OS uses a completely new kernel, Magenta, that is designed to complete with the systems like FreeRTOS or ThreadX used in embedded applications (IoT oriented). As found on the GoogleSource site, the clear difference between Magenta and its counterparts appears to be its usability even for smartphones and desktops.

The main programming language is, Dart (that Google uses to make ‘very large apps’) and the added Flutter support indicates that the to-be-born OS will likely use Material Design for its UI.

So is Google planning to take Fuchsia beyond IoT devices? That may not be the case. With the search giant making IoT products like Google Home, it might want an OS that is lighter to work with for it’s future products. Nothing’s definite yet or made public, till then let’s wait and speculate.


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