Opera releases its VPN for Android

Leading Browser developer Opera, has just launched a free to use VPN app for Android. The app, Opera VPN, would help you run apps and visit sites anonymously (even unlock some blocked ones !) on your mobile device with great ease, free of charge and with an added security.

Unlike other mobile VPN services similar to Opera, this (just like its iOS version) does not require any account to be registered, nor does it set any limits on how much data you can consume with the app.

Opera VPN Photo.jpg

It just does what is meant to be done. When you get connected with the offered service, through OperaVPN, you can start browsing anonymously without giving away your IP address and access geographically locked content by spoofing your current location.

Added as an extra feather to the app is a Wi-Fi test tool, that checks and rates the network you are connected to, for its security. It lists out the prevailing weaknesses like IP Address exposures or notices if people can sniff your information on the network, and shows a brief report along with the ‘Security Score’.

OperaVPN has five server locations to chose from, including, Canada, Germany, the US, Netherlands and Singapore. By default it chooses the best (the closest) based on your location.

A small additional feature that has been added along with the app is the ‘Guardian’ service, that, as reported by the app, ‘blocks ad trackers from stalking you online’.

With a couple good features, this cost free VPN promises to be a good one to try out and say a Goodbye to the paid ones.

Get the app now on Google Play: Opera VPN


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