Play ‘Solitaire’ in Google Search Results

Google has just added two Easter Eggs to make its search results fun.

After the recent additions of a coin flipper and an entire onomatopoeia system which produces the sounds of various animals through searches, Google has now added two time killer games that can be played directly from its search results.


Just put up a Google search for Tic Tac Toe, or Solitaire, directly a mini game will pop up right in the search result.

The game is supported on both the mobile and the desktop platforms, with a guarantee to distract you from all the current work you’re busy with.

Both the games, have various difficulty options with a challengingly ‘impossible’ option in Tic Tac Toe, which also allows you to play against your friend on the same device.

tictactoeWith all such cool features added in Google Searches, Google is very well becoming a collection of various miniature apps in itself. So next time you do a Search on Google, make sure you do not distract yourselves with these amazingly time killer games.

Source: Search is a Jack of all trades (Official Google Blog)


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