Plan and Organize your Trips Better with Google Trips

Google has just come up with its much anticipated app for maintaining and organizing Trips better: Google Trips.

The app serves as a trip planner and a giant traveller’s guide for anyone who is exploring a new place anywhere in the World. Simply tell the app where you want to go, download the guide for using offline, start planning on what to do in the trip. Bingo!


Based on the information that it collects from your Gmail, (like the Inbox app from Google does), it can pull up useful trip related information like, flight itineraries and hotel reservations.

The freely available app on Android and iOS also offers editorial guides or say sample itineraries for about 200 cities across the globe, that also include popular sights and attractions that are claimed to be so, by other travellers to the city.

Trips also has a section where you can also make up custom plans for your day on the trip. Simply in the ‘Day Plans’ section, tap the plus button to select the sights and attractions, that you intend to visit, from the displayed map. Once you select the sights, Trips, numbers them up so that you have your day organized well. In this section, you also get the ‘magic wand’ button that adds up good tourist sights, nearby, and automatically plans out your trip for the day. It also has suggestive pre-made plans for your day on the trip.

Day Plans.jpg

Apart from daily plans, it does have various other sections. For example it has the ‘Things To Do’ space, which points out Top Spots, tailored suggestions ‘For You’ (probably based on your Google search histories), Local Favourites and various other places and attractions including indoor and outdoor events that you might plan out to visit or attend on the trip.

It also has a ‘Getting around’ section that provides you a guide to move around between places on the trip using public or private transport. Interestingly, this section also covers the Driving Rules of the place of visit! Other sections added to the all-in-one travel guide include Food and Drink, Need To Know and Reservations.


It’s a must try app for people who are love travelling. So with this amazing app from Google, Trips, explore the unknown at places and make trips memorable. The app is available on both Android and iOS, do give it a go.


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