Google’s Making an OS from Scratch !

Google is working on making a completely new Operating System, named Fuchsia !!! Some weeks ago a few engineers from Google have started piling up code on the tech giant’s code repository and even on GitHub. The project page on GitHub has no details about the system under development, with just a mysterious description saying, ‘Pink + Purple == Fuchsia (a new Operating System)’.

The embryonic OS has a number of interesting features, but Google is yet to comment on its intended function.… Read More Google’s Making an OS from Scratch !


The 5 Best ‘Clean’ Launchers for Android

Bored of using the same old icons on your device home screen? Check out some of these cool custom launchers in Android to give a complete makeover to your device screen. Change up the look and feel of the Android device with different icons and themes, add up new functionalities like smart folders or an assistive search, to your liking.

If you’re a tech geek you definitely love customizations.… Read More The 5 Best ‘Clean’ Launchers for Android

Android N set to release on August 22!

The latest Android Nougat will for sure arrive on Monday August 22. Tech Giant Google, this time seems to be slightly ahead of schedule in releasing the next version of its Android Operating System.

As pointed out on, TheNextWeb and as mentioned on a Canadian operator’s forum the date August 22 has been booked for an ‘Android N Update’ to the Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P devices.… Read More Android N set to release on August 22!

Uber targets India! Get a Cab without an App!

Uber, just a couple of days ago, has launched a new mobile site which makes it really easy for people to book cabs without even having the app installed on their devices.

The system that is currently live in a few Tier II, Indian cities: Nagpur, Kochi, Guwahati and Jodhpur makes it possible for everyone to have an access to uberGO rides.… Read More Uber targets India! Get a Cab without an App!

Twitter launches #PromotedStickers

Twitter has chalked out a way to make money (taking inspiration from Snapchat !) through the ‘Stickers’ feature it cloned from Snapchat less than a couple of months ago.

It has now, as announced in its Blog post dated the 15th of August, made arrangements for advertisers to offer sponsored stickers. This adds up another medium of promoting a brand through Twitter.… Read More Twitter launches #PromotedStickers