Welcome Pixel, Goodbye Nexus?

According to Android Police, Google is in the move, to hold a major event on the 4th of October, with a primary focus on the Hardware. As claimed by AP, Google will announce its new line up of Pixel-branded smartphones, a 4K Chromecast, Google Home and the Daydream VR device announced in its I/O event earlier this year.

There were rumors in the past few weeks, that Google, would drop the Nexus brand name for its flagship Android devices with the Pixel label (it uses for Chromebooks and Tablets) taking over.

It is expected that in the company’s October event, it would unveil not one, but two HTC designed smartphones. But will the devices be Nexus branded or Pixel? That’s the real question. You might not have to wait for long to know that, as Android Police has already given out a clue on that: A leaked launcher app from Google, called the ‘Pixel Launcher’.

Pixel Launcher Collage.jpg

The leaked launcher app, is almost similar to the Nexus Launcher featuring the same Google Search button the top left corner, an icon dock at the bottom and a vertical scrolling app menu.

You can download the leaked app from MEGA. It comes up in a ZIP file, with the APK for both the Pixel Launcher and the Wallpaper Picker app. Unzip it, install it and try out, the simple to use and light on feature, launcher that Google may put up in near future.


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